Our Unified Mobility Management Solutions:

Management Suite

IBM® MaaS360® Management Suite products enable you to view and control the mobile devices and apps entering your organization. The software offers enterprise mobile device, application and expense management from a single screen. With IBM, you can gain visibility into the usage and status of mobile devices, while securing data and controlling costs.

Productivity Suite

IBM® MaaS360® Productivity Suite delivers an enterprise data loss prevention solution with consistent and seamless workflows for iOS, Android and other devices. It enables employees to securely access corporate data while preserving their mobile experience. Users can manage their email, calendar and contacts through a separate and security-rich office productivity application.

Gateway Suite

IBM® MaaS360® Gateway Suite offers products that provide mobile access to resources behind the firewall such as SharePoint, Microsoft Windows file sharing content, intranet sites and app data. It does not require changes to your network, firewall security configuration or device virtual private network (VPN) for access. IBM MaaS360 Gateway Suite helps secure content using authorization, encryption and containerization policies.

Content Suite

IBM® MaaS360® Content Suite delivers a simple, scalable way to distribute, manage and safeguard documents on smartphones and tablets. It allows employees to view, edit and synchronize their business documents across mobile devices, while providing manageability and control in a security-rich, encrypted container. Each document can have its own security policy and be distributed to users, groups or individual devices, creating a highly personalized and compliant user experience.

Threat Management

IBM® MaaS360® Mobile Threat Management allows you to detect, analyze and remediate enterprise malware on mobile devices. It provides advanced jailbreak, root and hider detection with over-the-air updates for security definitions. Administrators can configure compliance policies based on these advanced threats and remediate vulnerabilities—improving the security of bring your own device (BYOD) and corporate-owned devices.

Laptop Management

IBM® MaaS360® Laptop Management delivers security and management for both Windows PCs and Macs in one console, giving you what you need to manage the entire laptop product lifecycle. Delivered in the same, unified portal for mobile device management, IBM MaaS360 Laptop Management provides over-the-air enrollment, policy configuration, and visibility, control and reporting of your Windows and Mac OS X laptops.

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